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The First Wix Student Training Session!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

On Tuesday, February 16th, the students involved in RI Latino Biz Web Design Project had their first Wix website training on the ClickTo platform!

Veronica walked the students through an example website design on the Wix platform. Veronica showed the students how to pick themes, fonts, typefaces, how to upload pictures, maps, contact information, related blogs, when the business is in the news, etc. Veronica also showed the importance of making a nice design for the business’ name, how to edit a tagline/slogan, where to put client testimonies, opening hours and how to utilize free Wix apps. Lastly, the students were introduced to how the website can look in both a desktop and mobile view.

Avi Nevel pointed out that a website’s success is determined by its traffic; another reason to make the website the best it can be!

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